September 22, 2010

Crossing Silos

Demos Are Irrelvant

As the world constricts, the more opportunities we have to form relationships.

More than a quarter of us have Internet access.

Technology has afforded us the – reasonably inexpensive – prospect of connecting to similar thinking people across large distances.

We are not limited by our physical space.

As social networking infiltrates all aspects of our lives well past blogs and podcasts and social media platforms, we can build networks of collaboration.

Decades ago, generations were about twenty years and now we're closer than we think. As much as some may say 'kids' text all the time and don't pay attention, have a look around the board room in your next meeting.

This does effect the bottom line.

It has often been said that throughout our lifetime, we will have several careers - not jobs, careers. This means we will travel in different circles with a wide demographic mix and a multitude of experiences. So it stands to reason that over time we will gravitate more along thought lines than any other metric.

We have a wide open chance to find people who fall into our areas of interest. It takes time, commitment and patience, but it can be done. We no longer live in isolated silos determined by demographics, economic situation, industry or intelligence quotient.

Focus on your interests.

Knowledge and information can come from places we least expect it. When we widen our search, step out of our comfort zone and not focus on the boxes in which we think others reside, cool stuff can happen.

All this talk about social networking and busting open thought silos can positively affect your career and your business. Open minds will win the day.

Is that worth the effort?


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