November 2, 2010

Make Great Stuff

Horse Meet Cart.

I tried a new Pan Asian restaurant yesterday. The place looks cool, the service was fabulous and the food is outstanding. It got me thinking about the main concerns of business owners which are advancing business and improving that pesky bottom line.

The server said they've been open for five weeks and business is soaring. He added that management knows they need to do some marketing.

He said they know the honeymoon would eventually end but wanted some time to do it right. It's unclear why they are waiting to tell potential customers but I enjoyed the lunch.

They made great stuff. Now what?

In some people’s mind, the crush of social media has evened the playing field and I flatly disagree. The old adage that you can apply lip gloss on the swine has never worked and the social web will only amplify the desperate tactic.

But if you have something good, don't be shy in telling someone about it.

Opening your organization to the scrutiny of online channels is the exact time when trumping out a bad business idea will be amplified – for all the wrong reasons. These channels can help you, but they won’t save a bad idea though many certainly try and use them for that.

Make great stuff. Then share it.

Apple had its share of critics for being a closed environment for decades and the misnomer was they didn’t listen to customers and that is simply not true. The essence of branding is what they say about you to others but in the online world you can monitor those discussions if you invest the time and prepare yourself for their honest opinions. Jobs & Co do just that. Constantly.

Apple makes cool stuff that works and continues to evolve their products in line with customer appetite. Like a Pan Asian restaurant, it is inclusive but may not be for everyone and doesn't compromise for that.

Make great stuff. And keep making it great.

If you wonder if your social media efforts are paying off, have a look at your offering and decipher whether you are giving people the chance to experience great stuff or are you just barking out the deal of the week on the hopes they will re-tweet you.

You must sell the dream before you sell a thing. And most don't dream about bad stuff. The empty pitch will be a short lived endeavor.

Doing well online or offline is not about fooling people with the tools but rather making great stuff people want. And it works best when you listen to them first and they then may listen to you. I think I'll be back to have chat with the restaurant owner.

Do you make great stuff?

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