December 14, 2010

This Stuff Takes Time

Years to become an overnight success.

I attended a dinner in April 2008 that changed my life. When I returned home that night, I started this site. And 965 days and almost 600 posts later, I have had the unique privilege to be able to interact with some amazing people.

What Now?

It all came back to me this past weekend as I was back and forth with someone on Twitter about his new online journey. He just started blogging, his Twitter profile has been launched and he finally dove into Facebook. His cynicism over how social networking wasn't going to work for him has been crushed by his wonderment of what else he can now do.

He asked how often he should publish new material, what interface he should use and whether I had any feedback on his writing so far. I congratulated him for starting, because that is half the battle, but now the work begins. Patience is not our friend and like a new workout regimen we get discouraged when results aren't immediate.

Navigate and Congregate.

Part of my gig is helping companies and organizations better understand the online world but I’m still blown away by you taking your valuable time to visit here for a while.
I reminded my new colleague when others shoved me in the deep end.

I was looking at some numbers the other night and the readers of my little spot on the www come from literally everywhere. I am honoured and in shock. Top three places are Canada, U.S. and of all places, South Africa!

Top 100 include: India, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, Italy, Malaysia, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Romania,  Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait, Nepal and Malta. Isn’t that crazy?! In the past 12 months, this website was visited by people from 154 countries.

It is quite overwhelming. Thank-you for making time to drop by.

The increase in traffic from all over the planet fuels me to write better posts and help even more. And do more travelling! It also reminds me of the sustained focus and work that is involved when someone asks what will best work for them.

There are no short-cuts. This stuff takes time.

The essence of my consulting work is to help companies integrate all they do with all they do, specifically in the areas of marketing, social media and training. And I am always interested in meeting business owners and managers I can help. If that's you, let's have a chat sometime.

I don't help clients do what everyone else does. It has to work for them and it has to be something they will actually execute. This isn't a bottle of diet pills and an ab roller.

If you are wondering whether you or your company needs to get more active online, remember one crucial element, the results will not be obvious for a while. But if you work at it every single day without exception, people will start to pay attention.

And if you think the large companies have it all figured out, they are working at it every day like the rest of us.

What's your story?

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