June 27, 2011

Huffington’s Big Business Idea

There’s no denying that Arianna Stasinopoulosis Huffington is a successful person. According to compete.com, the mega news agency CNN's website has approximately 28.5 million unique visitors a month. That is a pretty impressive number but with their worldwide footprint and huge staff it’s understandable. Well, Arianna's site The Huffington Post – which was purchased by AOL this past February for $315 Million – receives about 23 million unique monthly visitors.

The work involved in building such an online empire is immense. It took long hours and a lot of sacrifice. At 60, Huffington works hard. But anyone who is an overachiever will admit (perhaps only to themselves) there is a physical cost to all this work. Like so many before her, Huffington almost paid the ultimate price for her achievements.

In this TEDWomen talk held in Washington DC last December, Arianna Huffington outlines her big business idea that she believes can be the secret to success. [video]

Kneale Mann

visual credit: TED
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