July 24, 2011

Our Ideas Need to Meet

Imagination is what separates us from any other species.

This past weekend marked the first anniversary of Social Capital Ottawa which was a resounding success. Big props to Lara Wellman, Vicky Bisson, Sara McConnell, Rebecca Stanisic, Andrea Tomkins and Karen Wilson. It was an outstanding event, great sponsors, fabulous content and they nailed every detail. And thanks to Dennis Van Staalduinen who rocked the joint during our session and if you get the chance, ask him if he's going to double down.

During my portion, I touched on this talk from British author and speaker Matt Ridley who has been studying and writing about genetics, society and evolution for decades. He outlines in this fascinating TEDTalk that trading ideas is essential to our survival.

Ridley's website is the Rational Optimist and this is his TEDTalk from 2010 where explains why our ideas have sex.

Kneale Mann
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