November 18, 2011

Leadership and Inspiration

After more than twenty-five years in the workforce, I remain absolutely fascinated by the reasons why two seemingly similar companies can travel very different journeys. One could thrive and grow and expand while the other struggles. Could it be the products each offer? Perhaps. Is it the price? Maybe. But it’s something much deeper.

Leadership is not a job title but a mind space, an attitude, that ‘thing’ we can often not quite put our finger on. And great leaders not only inspire a company, they can inspire a generation. But let’s back up for a moment. You work hard and want to be a part of a sound company and do purposeful work.

Simon Sinek has written a book on it and in his TEDTalk outlines what sets apart those leaders who inspire and make profound differences in their work and the people around them.

It begins with one simple question

Kneale Mann

visual credit: TED
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