October 22, 2010

It's Tougher Than It Looks

A New Appreciation

When someone does something well, we often admire their talent and the ease with which it appears they accomplish it. But we often quickly forget how much work was involved to get to there.

I worked for a guy who navigated the coaching process with grace and fairness.

We had a situation where a staff member had to be reprimanded and it could have gotten ugly. Instead, we had an adult and professional discussion.

I remarked on that and he reminded me that he had been doing it a long time and learned from great mentors how to lead, not boss.

Step Up To The Mic.

This week, I was asked to speak at two events and though I realize I am very tough on myself all in all it went fairly well. I can beat myself up elsewhere. But the strange thing was the nerves. It reminded me of my early radio days when I would be petrified when the microphone light went on. I did not see that coming.

It does get better but unfortunately an audience has to watch while you are improving over time. That is the same with clients in any setting. And we have to remember it's rarely as bad as it is in our heads.

I do want to thank the fantastic team at Social Media Breakfast Waterloo Region as well as the wonderful people at Wellington County Public Health
for their hospitality.

If you do business presentations, you know what that feels like. You prepare the material and all seems like it will go well – until there are real humans watching you. But the only way to improve is to do them more often.

Business is a team sport.

If one of your stakeholders appears to be having some difficulty with a task you expect them to master, remember that the moment we think we’ve nailed it will be the exact moment we are reminded not to get too far ahead of ourselves.

Do you think it may be valuable to stop once in a while and make certain everyone is receiving all they need to do – and more importantly – learn and improve their work?

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