November 25, 2011

Procrastination: The Business Strategy

I posted this list last year. Christmas is a month away.
Do any of these sound familiar?

• We want to make some changes, but we’ll talk about it after Christmas.

• Let’s reconvene after the Holidays.

• There’s no way we can get to that until the New Year.

• I doubt we’ll have time to give that much thought until January

• There are too many distractions this time of year.

• That is a great idea. Let’s table it for the first quarter.

• Let’s wait. It’s crazy right now and the Holidays are coming up.

• There’s no time to deal with that at this time of year.

• We don’t look at any new business in December.

• We're too busy for that now.

• How about we wait until we can have a good look at this after the break.

• Nothing happens this time of year.

• We can’t handle new business opportunities until after Christmas.

Is there an opportunity for you to get to it now?

Kneale Mann

image credit: simplyzesty | original: dec 2010
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