March 1, 2012

A Month of Ideas

Every day on Twitter, I post a saying, quote or thought. It may be something I heard, something that happened or something that gives me pause. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they're timely, sometimes they’re meant to make us think.

Here’s the list from February 2012

• Don't replace fear of inaction with fear of success
• Groundhogs aside, what will you accomplish in the next six weeks?
• What obstacle will you remove today?
• Learn from a child
• None of us does this alone
• Curiosity can be your biggest advantage
• Why not?
• Make it about them
• Replace distractions with actions
• All we have is right now. What are we gonna do about it?
• Regret solves nothing
• They don't want a boss
• How will you help someone today?
• The starting point of all achievement is desire. Napolean Hill
• Anytime after now
• Once you decide you will do it, you will figure out how you will do it.
• White space is allowed
• If you give up, how will you know?
• Turn no into how
• Stay curious
• What will you create today?
• Every moment you focus on a weakness is a moment you allow a strength to weaken
• Don't let yesterday take up too much of today. Will Rogers
• If you're looking for the answer, look inside you
• After all is said and done, much more will be said than done. Aesop
• Time to get to all those things we put off yesterday to do tomorrow
• We don't always know and that's okay
• Accept responsibility with grace and move forward

Got any ideas?

Kneale Mann

Image credit: linda huber
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