July 10, 2012

Are You Disruptive?

If you speak with someone in the high tech world, the discussion may get around to disruptive innovation. This is where you develop something that changes the status quo yet becomes what a few then many then a lot of people seem to begin to need or want. The turntable, the iPod, the microwave oven, power door locks, the tablet, etc.

We can’t fathom a world without the Internet. The thought of having to drive across the country rather than fly in mere hours is left for those odd occasions you want to take a scenic road trip.

Developers Unite

José Bowen is the Dean of the Meadows School of the Arts in Dallas. He has been studying music for more than 30 years and is a Pulitzer Prize nominated writer. Bowen challenges our current view. He says that Beethoven and Bill Gates have more in common that we thought and explains his theory in his recent TEDTalk.

How often do you lead disorder to establish innovation?  

Kneale Mann

TED | José Bowen
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