September 12, 2012

Inspirational People | Mitch Joel

We recently started a regular feature on this site. The idea came from wondering about the people who friends and readers enjoy and give them inspiration.

There were three simple rules. Is the information valuable to my work or life? Is the author doing actual work to back it up? Do they challenge me, make me think, and/or make me move to do something?
If you have someone in mind, send me an email.

Mitch Joel | Six Pixels of Separation

Anyone who knows me in a real way knows that I value Mitch’s friendship and creative mind. He is the President of a thriving digital marketing firm Twist Image. When I started to publish content on a regular basis in 2008 (over 850 posts so far), Mitch reminded me consistency is the key. And he walks the talk publishing seven fresh pieces of content every week. For free!

If you're wondering if blogging and/or podcasting can help your business, Mitch's focus has created opportunities that would not have otherwise happened.

It Takes Work

Each week, Mitch writes and publishes five new blog posts, one podcast, and a list of interesting links. Despite a demanding speaking schedule (go see him if you haven’t, he’s an outstanding speaker), working on his second book Ctrl-Alt-Del, running his agency, providing solutions for clients, and spending valuable time with his family, it’s rare when his input drops below that goal. Did I mention it was all free?

In more than a decade, he has only asked his readers for something on three occasions. Once to promote his first book – Six Pixels of Separation, second was to help raise money for the End Malaria effort, and recently to help Light The Night Walk.

Joel is an avid reader, defender of the written word, and open minded enough to take on new ideas and perspectives. And he's a funny guy!

Thanks Mitch, for sharing and inspiring.

Kneale Mann

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