March 14, 2013

Google Spring Cleaning

The social web is a flutter about two big events this week. There’s a new Pope and Google has announced their popular website aggregator Google Reader is retiring on July 1, 2013. If you’re not familiar, Google Reader has been a place where you can add website RSS feeds for a convenient way to read all your favorite sites in once place. There are many others now scrambling to integrate a new solution. Much has been said in the last few days but the best comment so far has been that when we get something for free we can’t be too upset when it goes away.

Google has announced the next round in their spring cleaning which began two years ago. With the ownership of more than 100 companies, phones, laptops, and now computer glasses, the tech giant has been built on the “always in beta” platform which often means dump something when it’s no longer relevant or linked even remotely to generating revenue. Google Buzz anyone?

Friending Feedly

I am in currently experimenting with Feedly which has been around since 2008 but just announced a seamless integration of your Google Reader feeds. I've made the jump and it’s working so far. There are rumors that the Feedly team has been working with Google. One wonders if that will turn into a permanent relationship. It's prettier but creates a lot more clicking and searching so the jury (me) remains in deliberation.

If you’re currently visiting this site through Google Reader, I have made the switch to Feedly so both will work until July. I will continue to share thoughts and ideas here for free and I hope you’ll continue to drop by whether it’s through a bookmarked visit, through a reader, or via the various social channels where posts are mentioned.

The green Feedly button is now on the right side of the site.

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