March 18, 2013

Growing Ideas

It’s easy to say we care. It’s simple to make a wish list of things we could do. It takes courage and commitment to get to work. We all have stuff we want to improve, people we want to help, and ideas we want to execute. Ron Finley is not living in wishes and someday, he’s getting it done today.

Raised in South Central Los Angeles, Ron showed an early passion and talent for fashion, and started his own clothing company, The Dropdead Collexion, in his family garage. His hard work took him from the streets of LA to the shelves of Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue but he has never forgotten his home.

Ron has created LA Green Grounds to help bring health and pride back to South Central and explains in his TEDTalk how he took a simple idea and wrapped his arms around his community. Ron Finley welcomes all to dig in and help.

Perhaps we can also get to that wish list while we’re at it.

Kneale Mann | Leadership and Culture Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Executive Coach helping leaders create dynamic culture and improved results.

Ron Finley
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