January 1, 2014

14 Ideas for 2014 : More or Less

Today is just another day on the calendar, right? But its placement gives it prominence and symbolism. It is the beginning of the month that we often say we’re going to get to that revised plan, the new idea, and those undone items.

Welcome to the magical month we lob all things procrastinated from last year to be mysteriously swept up by the get it all done goblins all neat and tidy in a pretty bow. Of course I'm kidding, but we often push things until the New Year. Well, here we are.

Here are some suggestions for 2014, more or less;

• Complain less. Do more.
• Worry less. Inspire more.
• Look back less. Self trust more.
• Compare less. Share more.
• Doubt less. Create more.
• Stop less. Listen more.
• Discuss going for it less.
• Actually go for it more.

Let’s make 2014 a great one!
Kneale Mann | Leadership Strategist, consultant, writer, speaker, executive coach facilitating performance growth with leaders, management, and teams.

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