December 30, 2013

Compassionate Leadership

The sugar buzz from the Holidays may not have worn off yet but it is almost back to business. To many, this will be the toughest stretch of the year. Shortbread cookies and turkey comas are replaced by a look at a few months of work before the Spring or Summer breaks. To many, the cold reality of winter can seep into the consciousness.

So it's soon back to products, sales, marketing, people, share price, competition and many other factors that keep us up at night. As the 10 year anniversary comes up, a look back at the documentary The Corporation which examined the modern-day company. They evaluated its behaviour as a psychiatrist might evaluate you and me.

The Bottom Line

They concluded if the corporation was human, her ultimate goal would be to make money above all else. If that is the sole purpose of your company, be nervous. Fiscal health is imperative but without strong internal customer service, it will be a struggle.

We all share an inherent human need to belong which doesn't stop when entering the work area. Or again, think back a few days or weeks when people were a bit more relaxed and in better moods. We don't need eggnog and brightly colored ornaments to remember the importance of human connections.

Leading with compassion will serve you well.
Kneale Mann | Leadership Strategist, consultant, writer, speaker, executive coach facilitating performance growth with leaders, management, and teams.

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