November 12, 2014


Someday I’ll act on that idea. Someday we'll have enough money. Someday I’ll stand up for myself. Someday we’ll figure this out. Someday the product will be ready.

Someday I’ll learn my lesson. Someday I’ll fix it. Someday it’ll get better. Someday we'll change. Someday we'll act. Someday may be too late. Someday we’ll turn it around. Someday it’s going to work out. Someday I'll go for it.

Someday we’ll take that trip. Someday I’ll clean out that closet. Someday you’ll check out that new gig. Someday we’ll try that restaurant. Someday I'll move. Someday will be a great day. Someday one day.

Someday is today.
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