January 13, 2015

What if?

Those are two fairly innocuous words put together to make a powerful question. It can lead us to possibilities and doubt, options and concern, but if we can park the negative for a moment and focus on the curious, let's see what happens.

As an example, you may be looking at making a career change for a hundred different reasons. It could be financial, the situation, lack of advancement, a bad boss, etc. But you are not as happy as you think you could be if you stayed where you are now.

Perspective changes

If you ask the question – what if I get a worse job? – that could keep you where you are but if you ask the question – what if I open myself up to a whole new network of people and possibilities – the view changes dramatically.

Web comic and NASA roboticist Randall Munroe fields what if questions from visitors to his site. These may open up ideas for you or you may just find them interesting.

Watch this.

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TED | Randal Munroe
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