February 4, 2015

1100 Reasons

Not that you would care all that much, but this represents the 1100th post on this site since it launched in April 2008. I’m often asked why I publish here so often and it began as a test to see if I could stick with something for the long-term and simply share ideas. As I close in on seven years of writing and publishing, I can say the reasons are the same today as they were back then.

Whether it’s you and your mom reading it, or in the case of this site, readers from over 190 countries popping in once in a while, find your reason and create. Give yourself the space to think. Allow your ideas to flow even if you share them with no one.

I won’t list 1100 reasons of course, but after seven years here’s a list of 11 reasons – in no specific order – why I continue to publish every few days.

• Discovering how you think
Growing real friendships and professional relationships
• Trusting and sharing ideas
Finding a creative outlet
• Gaining valuable insight and feedback from readers
Staying disciplined to keep writing
• Meeting people I would never have met otherwise in ten lifetimes
Receiving calls from publishers on book ideas
• Discovering how I think
Pushing myself to search for new concepts and material
• Become a better writer (still a long way to go!)

Thanks for dropping by and don’t ever apologize for your ideas and if you feel the urge, share them with us.

We’ll be glad you did!
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