May 5, 2015

Leadership is Not a Title

Being a leader is not exclusive to management, nor determined by a salary; it is everywhere. In your business, you must lead teams, teams must lead individuals, and individuals lead themselves.

Your most valuable resource is your people. When people are your priority, profits will increase. I help business build business to realize positive and profitable results through customized action learning programs and coaching.

Measurable Results
• Crystal clear vision of personal and professional goals
• Collaborative culture leading to stronger growth and improved bottom line
• Actionable plan for attainable and sustainable results
• Healthier and more productive teams, departments, and company
• Stronger leadership and management skills from all aspects of the business
• Organization prepared to meet future challenges
• Creation of a robust talent pipeline
• Improved bottom line and sustainable profits

Area of Focus
Leadership development goals, individual and team coaching, team dimensions and assessments, strategic planning, conflict resolution, presentation skills, human resource management, talent acquisition and retention, building powerful teams, creating effective meetings, open collaboration, and improved communication skills.

STEP Process
• Conduct a discovery brainstorming session to identify specific needs and goals
• Create a plan to include employees who you recognize need to be part of the process
• Design a results-based action learning curriculum
• Identify 2-3 key areas to focus on improvement and growth
• Provide comprehensive solution maps
• Once refinements are complete, produce a mutual contract of accountability
• Develop process of check-in calls, sessions, webinars, and workshops
• Build in monthly status sessions to measure ongoing results and identify refinements

I always enjoy meeting new leaders and learning more about them and their business. It begins where you are so let's book a call and discuss.
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