September 24, 2015

The Idea Begins…

It was 5th grade. I got my book report back from Mrs. Parrot. She gave me a B then wrote a long note on the back of the page below some of my doodling and writing. I don’t remember what it was about but I showed it to my parents and they were overjoyed. I thought they were happy I actually got a passing grade. I was the kid who got distracted by the squirrels and drifted off into my mind of imagination and worlds yet to be discovered. I was the kid who identified with Walter Mitty.

For most of my life, I’ve been called an extrovert but all the while I’ve needed my alone time to think and create and be quite and dream. I would facilitate a day long workshop and skip the dinner claiming I had emails to answer or another project to work on, but it was my time to unplug and get calm.

On the Air

I was a radio guy for more than two decades constantly surprised when a listener would remark on a new song I played or idea I shared. I was on the radio, after all, yet it was a solo experience in a studio talking into a microphone. I then got to build stuff and do more consulting and writing and teaching. I still felt it was a passion I followed alone. All the while, I have been speaking and writing about leadership, teamwork, culture, and our collective need to belong.

I was approached by a prominent publisher a few years ago and didn’t pursue it. There are beloved friends and colleagues who have encouraged me to pick it up again and give it a shot. I have finally shed the fear of it not turning out that well. And as I write this post – alone with my thoughts to then share with you – I realize it’s not about the success or failure of this idea, it’s the importance of doing it. My dad recently reminded me that not doing it would be a regret; a feeling he has often about the ideas he didn’t pursue in his life.

Keep Writing

Mrs. Parrot gave me an A+ on a short story I had written on the back of my 5th grade book report. She encouraged me to keep writing – I was 10! I had no idea at the time I’d become a writer, a coach, a consultant, a media guy, and all the while letting that kid who used to spend hours alone in his room reading books about far off lands to come along for the ride.

So yes, I have begun work on my first book. I don’t have a clue where this process will go or the result or the release date. I do know that sharing this with you will keep me on it and make it more real.

Thanks! I’ll keep you posted.
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