February 6, 2016

Human is the Critical Ingredient

Dear C-suite, V-suite, Directors, Managers, and HR Pros,

Please step away from keyword searches and software forms when looking for smart people to work at your company. It can be hard to sift through hundreds of applicants but it's part of your job.

Don't let laziness or Taleo software or someone who may not have their PhD in resume writing or two-page job description wishlists for 22-year old MBA grads who have 18 years' experience, stop you from finding great people to become part of your culture who will improve your business.

We are missing out on countless opportunities to create teams that will do remarkable work. I think education is important and should be encouraged and celebrated, but let's not lose out to those connections we can make when we step away from the forms and job boards and make a real connection.

That's why we call it human resources.
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