January 31, 2017

More Than Base Salary

We work because there are things we need and want to buy. We work because we want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We work for many reason past the paycheck, but the paycheck is a key element.

I have seen countless employee surveys and compensation is always on the list along with the ability to advance and have purpose. But if money is the top concern, you have a serious problem.

There are data that shows close to a trillion dollars is lost each year in North America due to disengaged employees and it all comes from the relationships we have and build within our organizations. So the next time you are hiring someone, ensure the discussion goes well past what you're going to pay them.

Yes, pay them properly, but the cost of great people isn't measured simply by competitive compensation and a good benefits package.

Engage with each other daily and watch what happens.
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