March 12, 2021

A Year in the Life

We first heard about some virus in Asia. It looked bad. Then really bad. Then we heard that story of China building entire hospitals in a matter of weeks. Then the World Health Organization put a name to it  PANDEMIC! It felt like it was something happening in a movie or at the very least to someone else. 

A year later, it's happening to all of us. It has felt like a decade and an instant.  

We covered the 1918 Spanish flu in history class. It looked like something that could never happen these days. Yet it did. A year ago the world turned off the lights and shut the doors and most of its restaurants and offices. A large percentage of the world had to learn to work from home and millions lost their jobs. Lives were changed; lives were lost.

Stay the Course 

It is kind of adorable when you can still hear people proclaim they can't wait until things get back to normal. Yeah, normal left the building and is it not returning. The new normal has taken over. My life has forever changed in many ways  has yours?

The new normal is yet to be defined and it may take years for us to adjust. Remote work, social distancing, and masks have replaced hugging loved ones and going out for a night of food and drinks with friends. Even as we all await our turn to be vaccinated, we still have a long wait for this new normal to become somewhat stable.

Lost track of time

When this all started, I was glued to the news  on my phone, tablet, tv, every waking hour checking numbers regularly and then checking the websites. I was watching social feeds and I'm sure we ran into each other doing the same. Here in Canada, we have been somewhat fortunate but it's heartbreaking to see the attitude of some who disbelieve this is real while more lives are lost.

I never leave the house without a mask on and I obey all of the protocols, I've become numb. How are you doing? Have you let your guard down? Have you become fed up with all this yet? Of course, me too. But we have no choice. Two members of my extended family have died from Covid-19 and about half a dozen professional colleagues have gotten the virus and since recovered. 

The flipside

But what good has come out of the last twelve months? Maybe you have even better friendships? Perhaps you've thought long and hard about the changes you want to make in your career? Possibly now is the exact time to follow that dream or idea and go for it?

We've come too far and far too many people have lost their lives already. We have to continue to wear our mask, wash our hands, and keep socially distanced. And for those who think making eye contact and saying hello will get you infected, we don't have to lose our manners while being careful. 

Stay safe!

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