September 12, 2022

Has Covid Changed Anything?

I strongly dislike parking lots. No one is watching anyone. People have their agenda in focus. Accidents are waiting to happen. Stress begins before you even get to the store. I had to navigate such a place last weekend at the mall.  

In this one trip, my car was almost sideswiped twice; I got the death stare from a woman with kids in the car who was there first when I wasn't even looking at her beloved spot; two guys were standing by their cars screaming at each other over a spot; and I saw four cars parked over white lines to render the spot beside them useless because the driver's were far too important to think about others. 

Lord of the Flies Personified 

Are we all so important not give one second of care to another person? I eventually found a spot far away from the action and headed to the shops. 

As I approached the door, there was a younger couple behind me. I opened the door and stepped aside to offer them the way in first. They didn't even make eye contact and chose another door. The three guys standing in the middle of the aisle discussing what appeared to be nuclear codes couldn't possibly dare shimmy to the left to allow this old dude by so I moved to the other side. 

Old World Order

This isn't about shopping or parking. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic. Despite the crowds and removal of masks, I know vaccinated people still getting covid.  

I suppose I was holding hope we would be a kindler gentler world after experiencing the most dangerous health crisis in a century. I thought we might have created a better place after millions of lives were lost and almost everyone we know got sick.  

Arguing over parking spots isn't evidence of either.
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