May 12, 2023

Yeah, What He Gestured

Communication is at the cornerstone of our lives. We email, text, tweet, phone, meet, talk, tiktok, and connect because we have an inherent need to belong. And there are countless studies out there that point to the way we receive communication. 

One of the most adopted and accepted appeared in a book published in 1971 by Albert Mehrabian entitled Silent Messages. His research found that the person receiving our messages gives 55% of their attention on our body language and eye contact, 38% to our tone, and just 7% to our words. So how we say it carries more weight than what we say. It's interesting that Mehrabian's research still holds true 52 years later. 

 According to the professor, non-verbal cues carry 93% of the weight of communication. So we should probably think about how that can help us strengthen or hinder in our relationships and culture in our businesses. 

Enough said.
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