May 16, 2008

Cehck Yuor Spleling

The new website was launched yesterday. It’s clean and simple. If you have websites, networking pages, or anything online; I'm sure you have had to go back and fix mistakes. I hope I caught all mine.

I have a friend who is a newspaper editor. She has not been shy to point out my spelling, grammar, misuse of words, and sentence structure. And I am grateful for that.

This is not a spelling or grammar issue; this is a brain to keyboard issue.

You may suffer from the same affliction. You have ideas flowing and you’re trying to put them down as fast as possible. You check your work. But since you created it, you may be too close to catch obvious blunders.

It isn’t that you can’t see the forest for the trees – sometimes you can’t see the trees (the rules of writing) for the forest (your idea or what you’re trying to portray).

We see mistakes online all the time. We may have gotten quite good at seeing through the mistakes to the ideas and concepts. That’s still no excuse for bad spelling or grammar – my editor friend reminds me.

We all learned in school to proof-read our stuff. To ensure the best work is put forward.

And like that embarrassing picture of the grade school play mom hauls out at the worst times; the Internet has become the unforgiving audience for things you wished you had double checked before leaving the house.

This may give you some solace; these mistakes are common and rampant on websites from the world’s largest corporations. Yes, we know – not an excuse!

My guess is your next step will be to check your web portals for mistakes. I’m sure this blog has its share.


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