May 28, 2008

Imagine • Create • Share

Yesterday I mentioned I would explain while I still love radio. I had no idea my day today would have fit nicely in line with that plan.

You’ve done it. You have a million ideas and only space for a few words. A client asked me for a one-page report and that’s the time my brain decides to kick into overdrive. Could I just get to it, jot down some points and move on?

The old cliché still rings true – I sent you a long answer, because I didn’t have time to write you a short one. It takes time to work your message to the essence of its intention.

I love crisp clever writing because of the content but I also appreciate the effort required to pull it off.

The reason I still love radio is the same reason I love a writer who can coin the phrase and make me think. Social networking allows us to imagine, create, and share. Radio can still do that as well. Most think radio is about music and free stuff. It’s so much more than that, or at least it can be.

A friend emailed me today and has allowed me to include some of her note here…

“Hey dude, I remember when I was a kid, there was this guy who worked late nights and would play the coolest music and talk about stuff I cared about. I didn’t care that the station was playing ten songs in a row or that the morning show was at some event, I connected with that person on the radio while I was studying for exams”.

That’s my short answer.

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