December 15, 2008

Don't Be Shy - Share!

A few months ago, during a chat with a colleague, we got to talking about someone who we enjoy reading and listening to through their blog and podcast. I know this person, my colleague does not – so I asked him if he knew what this person did for a living. He was a bit stymied.

It got me thinking about the reasons why we blog and share and podcast and connect through the social network. Some do it to share wedding photos, some to share business wisdom in their particular industry or area of expertise.

There seems to be a reluctance to let the listener or reader peer into the host’s day job. It is vital to have a reference point for your thoughts and it is okay to open up once in a while.

Theories are cool but equally important are practical examples to show them in action. And it’s refreshing that some are beginning to let us in a little further through their blogs and podcasts to explain what they actually do.

We don't necessarily need to exchange our resumes, but it’s important to context what you’re talking or writing about with practical experience from your career.

Next year, we will need to share a lot more and try to find creative ways to work together, make a living, and expand ourselves.

Whether you blog, podcast or simply do things the old-fashioned way through human contact – it’s okay to share. That need will never diminish and that is the essence of integration.


John Weiss 'Sharing Lunch'
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