January 20, 2009

Leaders Say: Let’s Go

There is no doubt that today is historic. Barack Obama becomes President. The celebrations will go well into the wee hours. But what is interesting is that the new commander-in-chief will be at his desk in the oval office within hours of is inaugural speech.

Four years ago, Obama was the junior senator from Illinois and today the 47-year old becomes the President. How did he do that?

In a city where there are more pontificators and lobbyists per capita than in any other urban center on the planet – Obama is there to work. He gives great speeches, he inspires many people, but he means what he says and says what he means.

Think about your mentors – the people who not only helped your career but helped you. Look to the people who inspired you and believed in you. Now think of the people who look to you for that same guidance.

We’ve all had a boss – a person who chirps demands and reminds us that democracy is a theory not a reality. But how many of us have had the chance to work with a leader? How many of us have felt the joy of leading others?

It’s easy to bark orders, it’s much more difficult to lead and motivate. It’s simple to take the “because I said so” stance; it’s difficult to adopt the “I see your strengths” approach.

There is no such thing as a selfless act or unbiased opinion. Obama was born to lead and revels in doing so. But the satisfaction he feels from leading can only be personified if he successfully motivates others to let him lead.

Let’s go!


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