January 24, 2009

Unscientific Study in Networking Socially

I took a few days away from the social media space and the emails have been hilarious. I’m okay! Thanks for your concern. But it did get me thinking about the power of social connection.

You Started It

Last April, I attended a Geek Dinner which was the birth of this thought space. Without realizing it, I have been conducting an experiment in human behavior for the past 10 months. The results have been astounding.

The friend, follower, and connection counts have grown but it isn’t about that – it’s about the human stuff and it all stems from one dinner.

I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy

The amazing element of all this is the people you meet through the people you meet through the people you know. The six degrees of separation. Every person on the planet is linked to every person on the planet in six steps or less.

Have you experienced a situation where you couldn’t remember how you met someone? Through your network someone knows someone you know who introduces you to someone who is now your friend. Gladwell writes about it in The Tipping Point. The connectors, mavens and salesmen are everywhere - often all three reside in us at the same time.

The Network of Networks

Are we creating communities that coexist online as we do in life? Or are we making more true human connections than we would (say) by passing people in the mall?

The numbers are irrelevant – the human connections are important.

We Are All Just People

I have gained mentors, friends, colleagues and contacts. There is non-stop information and knowledge shared and all because someone reached out last year and asked me to join a group of people for dinner.

What is important is that if you are going to take from the social network you must be willing to give back and share.

Is Anybody Out There?

I received emails in the last couple of days because I hadn’t posted an Opinion or contributed to the Twitter conversation or posted information in my newsfeed. At the core of all this, we’re just people.

I worked for many years in radio, and just when you didn’t think “they” were listening, you’d get a sign. Thanks for the sign.

What are your thoughts?


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