May 6, 2009

Marketing: What Now?

So you want to do some marketing and you're wondering what tools to use. There are a lot of options but what are best for you? What is imperative is sticking with whatever you decide to do. Because if you want to dip your foot in the pool, the best you can hope for is a wet toe.

* How much is too much?
* What tools should I use?
* How do I engage more?
* Is social media the answer?
* How long is my campaign?
* Should I mix my media?
* Is Twitter the answer?
* How often should I blog?
* Is traditional media dead?

I have had many people ask me whether they should start a blog or do a podcast, add a company Facebook page or sign up for Twitter, do an outdoor campaign or buy radio. It's no different than any other portion of your business - if you are not willing to commit to it, then you will never see the benefit and don't waste your time. Would you do one advertising campaign and expect that to build profits? Would you run a couple of miles then think you're ready for a marathon?

This is not social media discussion - this is a strategic planning exercise. If you are not fully integrated then you won't see the benefits of the entire toolbox.

Do you need them all and will you use them all properly?

Easier Said Than Done

It’s easy to watch a famous Hollywood actor navigate their craft through the script or an NHL player stick handle through the opponent’s defence with ease. That takes years of practice and commitment.

Look Before You Leap

First you need to back up the proverbial bus and ask the tough questions: Are you ready? What do you want from your marketing? Is your company well positioned? Do you see a potential increase in your product? What categories can you win?

Measure Twice Cut Once

Take the needed time to understand why you are doing something. Then get educated. Marketing, advertising, social networking, public relations and word-of-mouth are all powerful tools at your disposal. But no tool is the cure-all. One campaign isn't either.

What is your next step?


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