December 22, 2009

From Boston to Botswana

Who Is Your Target?
If you have a web presence, you should measure who is visiting your space from time to time.

Much to my surprise, this space has grown over three thousand percent since this time last year.

It will be difficult to replicate again but blew me away.

There are readers in 95 countries, all but one Canadian province, every state in the U.S. and over 750 cities worldwide.

We reach places like Kota Kinabalu and Groningen. We have regular visitors from Bucharest and Perth.

A shout out to the person from Tianjin who dropped by and hi to our visitor in Gaborone.

There are readers from San Francisco to Slovenia, Indonesia to Illinois and Edmonton to Estonia.

But that means nothing to you. What does matter is how you may be able to use this type of information for your business.

If you are running a company and thinking about expanding your online presence - good for you. But what's important is your ability to understand why you are doing it and whether you are prepared to stick with it.

Focus on what you offer your customers and ask for feedback. But it's important to note the obvious, no one will find you by osmosis. That's not a digital thing, that's a business thing.

There are millions of sites you could have visited, thanks very much for stopping by here. I hope you found it valuable. If you have suggestions or feedback, fire away.

Happy Holidays :-)

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