January 5, 2010

Working On Your Craft

Practice. Patience. Persistence. Play.
Balancing effort and blending life.

Have you ever been to a sporting event or seen a live play or concert?

Have you watched a great movie?

Do you have any experience meeting someone else who is successful in business?

Do you find motivation from people who show talent and prowess in a particular discipline?

How does someone master their craft?
Short answer: it depends on the individual and their specialty.

When I was a kid I couldn't get through an NHL game without calling my buddies to see if any were interested in a little pick up game on the street. If you enjoy writing, reading a good book may give you more determination to work on your own novel.

You may know someone who went back to school and emerged with a whole new career path. Seeing others succeed may give you reason to study their process to improve your business.

But simply pressing our noses against the glass doesn't get us far.
Coaching from the chair adds no points to the win column.

Speaking from experience, this requires working nights and weekends, writing ideas on scraps of paper you later find in the laundry, networking well, reading incessantly while life blends with work.

Shortcuts are the legend of fairy tales.

There are many ways to be successful. What's important is to be organized and have a strategic plan. It is equally essential not to settle for good enough - that's what the other guys do.

And it's okay to get a little messy once in a while, take some chances, swing at the fence and remember the importance of passion.

What are your thoughts?

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