April 2, 2010

Counting The Beans

Perspective Is All Yours

It doesn’t matter what we read or see or share; no one has our experience.

No two experiences in the history of humankind have been identical.

I may not know what you mean; I cannot understand what you’re saying. I am not you.

John Percy once said “We judge others by their actions but ourselves by our intent.” This is important if you manage people or own a company.

You can threaten life or limb but if someone doesn’t want to be on time for the sales meeting, they will not be on time for the sales meeting.

If you're a parent, you may not fathom why someone would be angry that you have to leave the shareholder’s meeting to pick up kids from day care.

Your passion may be golf and you could be outraged that someone bought the land at your favorite club to build homes for hundreds of families.

It may suck to line up tomorrow for your iPad but it sounds a lot more appealing than living in a box in earthquake ravaged Haiti.

Too Much Perspective Is Not Good.

You can't worry about everything you enjoy in your life because others suffer. But you can be compassionate and understand that life is a lot more that all the crap we spent far too much time obsessing about.

If Jim is late for the sales meeting again, take him aside and remind him the importance of being on time and how it is disrespectful of the team. If Jim disagrees, you may need to free up his future.

Tote Board Says...

We love numbers and validation but should that really be the priority?

I read someone’s bio on their website the other day. They were boasting about the money they made but it wasn’t about the money and how they built their “following” but it wasn’t about the numbers. They listed all the cool stuff happening in their life but said it's not about them. Right.

Here’s an suggestion: The next person you meet for the first time, ask them how they’re doing. And actually wait for the answer.

If it wasn’t about the numbers, why do we spend so much time counting the beans?

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