April 5, 2010

Are You A Cobbler?

Taking Your Own Advice

As someone who consults clients on marketing, social media and overall business strategy, I have run in to more and more people suffering the fate of the cobbler.

It's the story of the shoemaker who works so hard he has no time to make shoes for his own children.

Can I Help Me?

I was at a lunch last week and there was a similar tone, most knew they had to get to certain tasks to advance their business but simply ran out of time to do so. There was always something 'more important'.

The cobbler's children had the most tattered shoes in the village and most small to medium sized business owners realize the importance of integrating a digital strategy but where is the time?

Reading the Room.

The circles in which we travel can garner interesting perspectives. If I’m with those who are completely immersed in social media and wired up with gadgets and doohickeys, discussing aggregated web presence bores them. While others struggle to improve their website and begin the eye glaze at the mention of seo and social networking.

The cobbler hunched over his bench shaping leather with callused hands from dawn to dusk to keep up with the demand for his services and the small business owner returns that final email seconds before falling in to bed.

You Told Two Hundred Friends.

The cobbler tries to incorporate technology and new tools but it's difficult to do and slows him down. If he spends too much time trying to learn and not work, customers will be waiting.

All too often we get caught up in busy work and discussion only to find that we have let ourselves down in areas that will help us in the long run.

Is there a cobbler in all of us?

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