July 7, 2010

Business in Summer

It happens every year.

For most people, it begins to creep in around the time the kids are out of school for the year.

But it may be something that stems back to when we were in school. You had the entire summer off.

No school, no homework, no responsibilities.

If you live in a climate where there are three or four distinct seasons, summer time is when things get a little bit lazier.

All Work and No Play...

Shirt sleeves shorten, patio meetings increase and everyone seems a bit more calm. The desire to hammer 10-12 hour days isn’t as common and that’s okay, it’s summer!

Take your time off. Enjoy family and friends while the weather is nice. Go to barbecues and functions. Eat yummy food and enjoy cold beverages. It’s summer, after all.

But How Does Summer Affect Your Business?

The 'summer hours' model is quite common. Casual Fridays turn in to long Noon hour lunches and disbursement of team members to an early weekend. Summer begs for time outside and a more restful pace.

It’s okay, your competition is doing the same. Clients don’t want you around as much because they too are trying to steal away as much sunshine and warm temps as they possibly can.

But just for a moment, imagine how much your business would grow if you stepped it up just 10% from summer mode and took the work hard-play hard approach.

Could you see the benefits of giving that a try?

Helping you integrate all you do with all you do.

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