September 25, 2010

2010: Resolution Check-Up

I’m in the process of moving this space to a comfier more permanent home so I am sifting through archives. Christmas is three months today but this is the list I compiled last December. I always feel so brave when I make these lists and judging from the comments, many agreed.

10. Care A Little Less
We seem to put far too much credence in the opinion of others. Perhaps because we have a need to belong and in order to quantify an idea or success, we need a pat on the head from others.

9. Give More
This to suggest that we allow our talents and gifts to shine and replace all the empty boasting that all too often gets the spotlight.

8. Do Not Heed
If you allow the group named them to rule your decisions and behavior, you will lead a challenging life. The musician doesn't ask the crowd before she writes the song.

7. Smile and Wave
Imagine you are going about your day and suddenly it becomes clear that someone is having a bad time and is looking to have a fight with anyone they can lure.

6. Learn to Say No
No is a perfectly acceptable answer and a complete sentence. This is not to suggest we don't stretch but while we try to do everything, we do nothing well. Say no so you can say yes to what matters.  

5. Of Course You Can
You have heard it, read it and seen it your entire life. You can do whatever you want if you believe and try hard enough. Are you doing it?

4. Eradicate the Naysayers
Never share your dreams with negative people.Naysayers are as common as lint so what's the upside of listening to them?

3. Listen to the Right Voices
As soon as you stop listening to the negative voices and start paying closer attention to the ambitious ones, things will change immediately.

2. Trust Yourself More Than You Trust Others
This is not about blind arrogance, it's about truly knowing our strengths and going for it.

1. Quit Your Whining
Scientists have not linked complaints to progress.

How are we doing so far?


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