September 28, 2010

Integrating Ideas and Individuals

The sum of the parts

I help clients in three key areas - business strategy, marketing and social media. That includes tactics, execution and integration. This does not mean sign them up for every possible option because that may not be most effective strategy. I am also a sounding board, an idea filter and a strengths finder.

We often think too closely about a particular project without imagining how it could grow even bigger. Your client may know someone who might also need your help. You may need their services some day as well. The adage, this is a marathon not a sprint, is more relevant than ever. This has been going on since we began to walk the earth.

Socially connected

As we connect through avenues no longer restricted by geography, we can build alliances all over the world. We can find people who think like us and do work like us and help us with our work while we do the same. We can seek out those who may have faced the challenge we’re staring at right now and work it out.

If you are helping someone with a solution, take a moment and think about the people you know and who may be able to offer some additional help to fully integrate the idea. This is not to suggest adding layers for the sake of making it complicated but adding necessary elements to improve the original idea.

I have a client who obviously enjoys helping his clients but also likes to find people who may need his clients' offerings and makes the introduction. That's integration!

On your mark

I have had the absolute privilege of managing two start-ups and consulting on half a dozen others. And it appears I may get another chance soon. As tempting as it is to order the cake and balloons, the first step is the big picture.

When you get that chance, take some time to see if there are ways to integrate from the start. And this is not just a workflow issue, this is also a people plan issue.

Can you think of ways to expand your network and integrate your projects?


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