September 14, 2010

Are You Experienced?

Hendrix wanted to know.

It's clear the legendary rocker was not speaking to HR managers, stakeholders, customers or clients.

But it's something we think about every time we meet someone in person or online.

You don’t really care how many framed documents appear on the doctor’s wall, you want her to fix your painful ankle injury.

Diplomas point to training but not everyone finished at the top of their class.

The mechanic peering under your hood better know what he’s doing because you’re paying him $110/hour to get rid of that clanging noise every time you start your car.

You expect the reputable renovation company to create your dream kitchen as they promised they could with all those pictures of previous renovations to prove it.

Whether you’re in medicine, automotive repair or restoring homes, you need to prove your experience. No matter the industry, there is usually never a shortage of people trying to sell solutions without proving their ability.

Are you asking them to prove they are experienced?

Let's create experiences not campaigns.

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image credit: soulculture
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