October 11, 2010

Be Thankful. Be Inspiring. Be Ourselves.

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus Day in the U.S., Día de la Raza to Día de las Culturas in most of the Americas and Discovery Day in the Bahamas.

Families are gathering around the turkey and pumpkin pie which is a good chance to take a moment to think about the important stuff and discard the rest.

Today, I have work to do but I am also taking stock of how I’m doing and it can be an interesting process. I have a long way to go, need to improve on many things but all those thoughts can take me away from what I do well.

Sound familiar?

I stepped out of the corporate world four years ago and I’d love to tell you the journey has been smooth and full of nonstop upward momentum but that’s not the case and my story is not unique.

In North America alone, there are more than 30 million people out of work today. They are struggling to figure out what’s next for them, they are trying to find a way to provide for their family and feel thankful this weekend.

Lend a Hand.

All this talk about community and connection is utterly useless if we make it about ourselves. So help one person today in a real way. Often being thankful comes with perspective yet we need to stop and pay closer attention to it. If we are thankful, we can inspire others but the only way to do that is be ourselves.

You okay with that?


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