October 5, 2010

The Hierarchy of Business Needs

From Start-Up to Actualization.

If you manage a company, you know it takes more than products or services to be successful. 

Without strong people, you will struggle to make it. 

It is much more than having a slick mantra claiming your people are your strongest resource.

There are zetabytes of data available on the topics of social networking and building audience, finding your trust agents and being authentic, having patience and giving more than receiving. But so what if you aren’t or won’t execute on any of it.

Complaining won't make a difference.

Bars and homes are filled nightly with people commiserating about their workspace. 

We live in a time where we can create our own online and retail experience. It is a buyers’ market and we're all buyers. Treating people fairly is the single biggest way to positively affect your bottom line.

Five Pillars of Business
People, operations, finances, marketing and media.  

Business is not daycare but people are not robots. We have feelings and dreams and goals. If you can mesh the two, you can take on any formidable foe. The single biggest area where most companies falter is with their people.

As superstars rise up the ranks, they are often promoted based on numbers but as more responsibility is heaped on them, the pressure increases for higher performance. But often they are shoved into the new gig with not nearly enough management training and asked to manage people who will help improve that performance.

Important questions for any manager.

• How is the health of our overall operation?
• Can you be honest with yourself about your organization?
• Do you have strong financial leadership?
• Is your business plan clear, concise and executable?
• Are you aware of all marketing opportunities and the realistic outcomes of each?
• Do you spend more time in meetings than doing the work?
• Do you have a strong sense of your people
• Is each member of your team working more than 80% of their time on strengths?

What would you add?

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