November 12, 2010

Management is an Art

Libraries, stores and hard drives have been filled with books and videos and instructional lessons on business management.
This is a science that is almost as impossible to master as parenting.

I have had some fabulous mentors in my career who taught me the essence of management from a technical and strategic standpoint as well as the people perspective.

It is not enough to devise an over arching business plan, you need to cover each component in such a process. Those include an organizational map, financial preparation, marketing and media strategy and most importantly a people plan.

People study human resources for years and still don’t master it. Top sales people crash and burn as sales managers. And right brain thinkers shrivel up and rot under the crushing avalanche of meetings and protocol.

It helps to learn from others who have varied experience. That includes an event I have the pleasure of attending this coming Monday (November 15th) in Toronto entitled The Art of Management

It's black belt keynote presenters back to back to back during this one-day event. The impressive list of speakers is; Mitch Joel, Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Eisner, Nilofer Merchant and Simon Sinek.

You can get more details on the official site - The Art of Management.

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Join me for Movember.

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