December 5, 2010

More Inconvenient Truths

Our planet is a complex place. It is fascinating that we can go online and find information on anything we want from the comfort of our own environment. But you and I know there are conflicts beyond our scope that we wish we could solve. Economic issues, environment concerns, conflict and turmoil are everywhere.

Of course we need to strive for our dreams while working together on enjoyable projects and improve our careers but when you think of the big stuff, our grievances seem absurd.

Dr. Jason Clay is vice president of market transformation for the World Wildlife Fund. He says our goal must be to figure out how to produce more with less land, less water and less pollution, so we won't be the only species left living on this planet. He says we are using 130% of the world’s resources and the population will be nine billion by 2050.

Jason Clay is targeting 100 key companies to lead the charge but as part of the community, we can all do our part. [video]

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video credit: TED
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