March 16, 2011

31 Ideas to Succeed Online

All too often our impatience gets the best of us and we want to see results faster than they can be achieved. With almost two billion of us reading, consuming, sharing, publishing, writing and connecting online, there is a lot to digest. We can easily wonder why our content isn't resonating with others fast enough. It's human nature, it's our need to belong. Here is a list of ideas you may want to keep in mind when navigating the vast digital landscape.

• Be yourself
• Learn from others
• They are people
• Your priority doesn’t make it their emergency
• Don’t be a bully
• Platforms alone mean nothing
• Be helpful
• Treat others with respect
• Work your butt off
• Don’t just sell
• No website is a magic bullet
• Connect don’t collect
• Have realistic expectations
• Write and publish daily
• This stuff takes time
• Don't be rude
• Read more than type
• Numbers are irrelevant
• Say hello
• A channel is just a tool
• You are always on the record
• Assume nothing
• Manage your time wisely
• Get to know them
• There are no quick wins
• Don’t expect others will make you rich
• Be human
• Give more than take
• We are all experimenting
• Seek others with your interests
• You are never done

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