April 29, 2011

Yell and Sell

Do As I Say

No one likes to be told what to do. As children, our parents may remind us who sets the rules and cake before dinner is not permitted. In school, it was frowned upon to not show up or fail to complete homework.

In the workplace, there are few employers who allow for poor attendance or spotty output. They all expect so much of us throughout our lives. Deadlines and rules, dress codes and protocol, stated or implied, we have to follow the constraints of others.

Cross Media Assault

We are hammered constantly from radio, television, print, outdoor, email blasts, social, like, tweet, blog, podcast, did you see our deal, it’s all about relationships, numbers don’t count, for a limited time only.

It has gotten the point where we actually see none of it. The mad dash to create a false sense of urgency continues and we have become masters at blocking, deleting, ignoring and dismissing.

How about we stop telling each other, selling each other, interrupting each other and start helping each other?

Kneale Mann

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