May 27, 2011

Does The Social Web Work?

Leprechauns meet Unicorns

People often ask if the social web is effective and like most questions, it can garner the response “it depends”. There’s a fantastic post by Peter Shankman that has been getting a lot of attention this week that sums up how some feel about people who try and sell you a bill of goods about social media.

Far too many people have decided to call themselves an expert. I am not a social media expert and neither are you. So quit it. Digital media is growing exponentially so it's only natural that thousands are trying to cash in on the rush.

Limited Time Offer

The social web will not work if you stand on a pulpit hoping others gather around your wisdom. It will not work if you deem yourself larger than the others around you. It will not work if you think you know more than they do.

People selling you ‘blog in a box’ or ‘gain a thousand followers a day’ solutions are no better than the 3am infomercial. That stuff has nothing to do with media and is not social. And it certainly has nothing to do with business or people.

Be Human

The social web works if you do. It will open doors, if you open them. You will meet incredible people you would never have met otherwise, if you unfold your arms and take the time to meet them. You will be introduced to business opportunities that may never been presented, if you present yourself with decorum and professionalism.

When someone asks if all this will work, my answer is simple. Many of the rich relationships I have gained in the last few years would simply not have happened without reaching out to people all over the world through many channels. They became clients, colleagues and friends because of the human connection, not the channels.

Will the social web work for you?

Kneale Mann

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