June 16, 2011

Creating Urgency and Need

This Weekend Only Until Next Weekend

If you work in the automotive industry, we need to talk. There is no car shortage. Your manager is not out of town. You don’t have just five left on the lot. The balloons, inflatable gorilla and hot dogs for the kids are not enough of an incentive to check the deals this weekend. There is goods news. Some companies discard all that and talk about the experience and don’t need to bark about their tent sale.

Half a Billion Apps for That

We’ve seen the explosion of mobile devices in the last decade. This one’s smaller, this one can fry an egg, this one will send documents to Japan and this one is available in vermillion. We are losing the ability to make eye contact, sit quiet and do nothing. We have to check the mobile device, someone may need us.

You don't text and drive, of course. But look to the car next to you at the next stop light and see if they’re checking their mobile device because something may be urgent. Of course, after you check yours. We are available 24/7 which means if they haven’t returned the email within 48 hours they are either actually busy, the Internet is broken or they are ignoring you.

Smaller Faster Thinner

The processor on this laptop is eighteen thousand times faster than the previous one that was forty-two hundred times faster than the one before that. And we still can’t get the wi-fi to work properly in the restaurant when the client is waiting to see the first draft of the presentation.

They promised that their digital service was lightning fast which lets you update your Facebook status and send a tweet in an instant. Well, except when they’re doing work on the lines which is every second month plus they’re getting a larger number of customers on the system please hold the line sir, can I get your account number and fourteen digit security code.

Please Fasten Your Seat Belt

Flights are delayed because it’s Monday and this exact number of passengers – give or take a few hundred – fly out of La Guardia every week so you can understand why the airlines haven’t accommodated for this usual occurrence. They are just reminding passengers for the 568th time in the last hour to not leave bags unattended. And by the time you snake your way through five security checks. make your way to 11B, the pilot announces the plane is 14th in line for take-off.

To say the world is a busier place today than it was even few years ago in some ways may be a safe assessment but are getting any more done? The social web has created discussions and opinions, naysayers and evangelists, pontificators and spammers. And if you own a business you may be more confused than ever. You want ROI.

How do you balance your impatience for revenue with their impatience quick service?

Kneale Mann

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