June 29, 2011

The Social Media Revolution Continues

The digital landscape is a moving target. Online social networking is exploding. And the levels inside small, medium and large organizations are trying to get a handle on all the stuff going on. Those blazing a path say we should keep blazing, those beginning to realize the value of this work is a growing number and progress is happening among the money people who want proof and metrics that all the time spent has a compelling enough business reason to continue.

Erik Qualman wrote a #1 best selling book entitled Socialnomics in 2009. He also produced subsequent videos and a powerful infographic packed with actual statistics that excited the evangelists, increased the interest of the advocates and made some naysayers and decision makers a bit nervous while others began to understand the importance of this data. Erik is back with an updated version of the video.

This is the Social Media Revolution 2011. Enjoy!

Kneale Mann

visual credit: Erik Qualman
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