November 30, 2011

Are You The Best in The World?

Make a Dollar

A year ago this week, my friend Mark Gallagher gave me a project. During one of our long deep and very helpful conversations he said that I should imagine a triangle with three equal sides. Side one features things I am best at the world at, side two is where I will make the most money and side three is what I'm most passionate about.

It's a challenging exercise because imagine for a moment that you can accomplish all three. Passion seems to be the easier one (for me) but most money and best in the world seem daunting.

Make a Name

I'm not sure who first coined the phrase but there is a theory that we are motivated by three things - to make money, to make a name for ourselves and to make a difference. Again, making a difference seems to be the most attainable and honorable. But you may feel different.

There is sound evidence that as we age, we seek more purpose and meaning. But the most difficult side of Mark's triangle is identifying what you are better at than anyone else on earth. This isn't meant to create a boastful ego but rather to make us strive to really be our best.

Make a Difference

Mark's triangle was in this order for a reason so it's up to each of us to figure it out for ourselves - our context. It's an interesting quandary. Many a dreamer has struggled and many who chase only the dollar get in too much trouble as well.

It's interesting that we want to get better but wait for opportunity to land in our lap. Our collective impatience can waste value time focusing on what's important. We search for how to be the best, make a living and realize passion but we often let life get in the way.

What's on Your Triangle?

Kneale Mann

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