February 14, 2012

Leadership and Decisions

Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level.
Peter Drucker 

You have to have a compelling reason why. A why so strong that you are willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. Once you do, you will be truly unstoppable. Jay Platt

Every single moment of our brief time in this world is filled with decisions. Should I go to bed or watch the rest of the movie? Is that business venture something I should move forward on? Are there any more cookies in the cupboard? Is this the time I’ll finally tell the boss what we think of her?

Many people set rules to keep from making decisions.
Mike Krzyzewski

In team environments such as your work space or with clientele, you are making constant decisions while the busy brains of others are doing the same. Collaboration is one of my favorite words but it can often cause stress in relationships if it is not executed with openness and clarity.

A lot of people don't want to make their own decisions
They're too scared. It's much easier to be told what to do.
Marilyn Manson

Life is a team sport but we have to make those decisions that will improve our situation. My career has been interesting in the last few years. Perhaps you can relate. I have not always made the best decisions. In fact, there have been times I didn’t make a quick enough decision and others when I didn’t give it enough consideration.

The basis of computer work is predicated on the idea that the brain makes decisions and the index finger does the work.
Brian Eno

A friend was recounting a Richard Branson biography recently. His work day is not unlike those shared by most people. He works, has meetings, does tasks but for five minutes every day he has a choice to make a decision that separates the average company from one good ones.

The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose.
Thornton Wilder

The digital landscape is filled with commentary about Facebook and Google+, Twitter and Apple computers while a company like IBM chugs along without making a huge splash and makes profit while providing careers for over 400,000 stakeholders.

Bad behavior and irrational decisions are almost always caused by fear. If you want to change the behavior, address the fear. Seth Godin

Godin says, we must be remarkable. That doesn't mean we have to climb a mountain or build a bridge. Simply do things that others feel it necessary to remark about. Don't just be an employee, don't be a cog in the machine, be bold and make decisions that will change things for the better.

Decisions are inevitable. Our inclusion remains the question.

Kneale Mann

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